Golas, Kulfis and Soda Sherbets

have been a part of our childhood memories at almost all occasions. We have enjoyed these at school, parks, colleges, beaches and also at weddings, parties etc. With the evolution of retail and lifestyle some of these products fell out of favour given the lack of attention to hygiene and quality by the unorganized sector.

Now no more worries while having golas, kulfis and sherbets. At Gogola its now Cleaner, Tastier and Cooler. The Kulfis are made out of pure milk. The Golas and Drinks are made out of bottled water with full attention to hygiene. The toppings and syrups are made from natural fruit and completely safe and healthy.

Give your child the opportunity to live your childhood! Gogola was launched at inception with only one product i.e. Golas . Today it is bigger and better with more unique products and offerings. So now along with the widest varieties of golas we also serve Kulfis (with international dressings) , Plated Golas (with international toppings), Sodas, Slushes and Shakes. All in one place which is more fun filled, cooler and bigger.

I tried the watermelon Gola yesterday it was simply mouth watering. One can actually taste the fruit! "

                          -Krutika Ashar

"goolaa yummyyyyy..."

                          - Roshni Khatri

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